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Learn more about our 8-week programs & webinars


What We Offer

Immerse your child in a world of music and language! Our engaging classes are a joyful journey through speech and language-focused children's songs. Your little ones will groove, chant, and explore both small and large movements, all while having a blast. We enrich their experience with a delightful mix of visual, auditory, language, and social stimulation. It's a dynamic blend of discovery and fun, tailored to this crucial early stage of childhood development.

Our classes are led by a licensed pediatric speech-language pathologist, ensuring that your child receives expert guidance in every session. Join us on this remarkable adventure where your child's growth and joy are at the heart of every beat!


Educational Webinars

Laughing Monitos offers dynamic educational webinars led by experienced instructors. Covering diverse topics from academics to life skills, these sessions encourage active participation and provide valuable insights. Join us to enhance your learning journey!

8 Week Program

This service provides 8 consecutive sessions led by a speech-language pathologist, online webinars and an individualized packet that includes: Pre/Post Speech and Language screening, Weekly activities, and Language Strategies.

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