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Kids Playing with Lego

Speech & Language Through Play

Helping Children Meet Crucial Developmental Milestones

About Us

At Laughing Monitos, we proudly present enjoyable and interactive playgroups tailored to children aged 0-4 years. Our primary focus is on nurturing and enhancing your child's communication abilities for a brighter future.

painting at the North Carolina Botanical Garden
floor play with sibling

By incorporating play and discovery, our programs encourage children to actively participate and learn in a natural and exciting way.

Our Focus Areas

Laughing Monitos

Enhance Language Skills

Through our program, your child will strengthen their relationship attachment, improve play skills, develop pragmatic language abilities, and expand both receptive and expressive language skills.

kids sharing at a beach house in North carolina

We equip caregivers with valuable language strategies and techniques that can be incorporated into daily activities, fostering continued language development beyond our program.

Caregiver Empowerment

mom and child embracing

Our sessions are designed to be enjoyable for both children and caregivers, utilizing interactive and play-based activities to create a positive and stimulating learning environment.

Fun & Engaging Experience

playing at Kids play together playground in Cary, north carolina
diverse family

What Our Clients Say?


Kidwell Family

"She has the patience of a saint and was always ready and willing to teach us regardless of the day. Her vast wealth of knowledge is something I have retained to this day. Judy is one of the best parts of our stay in the NICU and I am  eternally grateful for everything that she did for Haylei and for what she has taught us. She has a heart of gold and I feel blessed to have had her as our therapist."

Romie Lopez

"Judy is an exceptional clinician and a true master of her craft. She served as my mentor when I first entered the world of speech language pathology and it was thanks to her that I was able to find my dream career! Judy always demonstrates kindness, compassion, and patience with every single person and she strives to provide the best services to meet the individual needs of each client she works with! She goes above and beyond and the proof is in the progress that is seen!"

Amado Family

"During the most terrifying experience of our lives, Judy was always a calm during the storm. Her expertise, empathy, kind nature and reassurance were always thing s that my husband and I looked forward to during our many interactions with her. Her hyperfocus on quality, outcomes, and doing things right, rather than just “checking a box”, stood out immediately"


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